Original Writing

A Day of Galleries!

Not only did I have the privilege of visiting Tyler Shield’s exhibition last Thursday, but we somehow managed to stumble across a small gallery hidden away amidst a row of shops in Leicester Square! The gallery showcased some of the finest pieces of art, varying from sculptures to paintings to holographic images representing significant criticism of current society.

The prices of these pieces started at £32,000, which sheds some light as to why the owners of the gallery didn’t even try to approach us. Snobbery in a gallery is something I find quite distasteful, hence why I won’t mention the company! Nevertheless, both myself and my friend had a great time examining the works on display, and we were kindly allowed to take pictures of our favourite pieces.

The magic of holography

‘Elvis Lives’


A x

Original Poetry

On An Autumn Morning …

On an autumn morning
when the sun is just
to rise,
and mist still suffocates
the air
with it’s veiled
blanket of moisture,
a chill runs
up your spine
as you are
to the raw cold.
This feeling
of goosebumps
crawling up my skin
and shivers
treading through my
is sort of
how I feel
when I’m around

Original Poetry

Loving You (#2)

Telling you
I love you
isn’t enough
to possibly
how much I adore
Loving you
just isn’t


– Luke Dillon, Lament

“Don’t tell me that. I’ve lived in hell for the past thousand years. I spent a thousand years wishing I’d never been born. She’s the only thing that’s made my life worth living and if that’s all I get, a few months with her- a few days, it’s more than I’ve ever hoped for. Do you really think God would forgive me for the blood on my hands, even if my soul was free? I’m going to hell no matter what happens. Let me have my pathetic hopeless love while I can. Just- let me pretend it will turn out alright.”

– My absolute favourite novel when I was a 13 year old; Lament, by Maggie Stiefvater.