Original Poetry

Lockdown Love

I find you in the poetry of lovers.
I find you in the fierce auburn of
the rising sun
demanding to be felt
before it is seen.
I find traces of you
within the strands of my hair.
But above all,
I find you
in me.
In the glimmer of my eyes
when they shine at the
sound of your name.
In the essence of
blooming spring.
In the empty space
between my fingertips.



My heart sings for you from a distance
searching for you through existence.
Time unfolds.

Sharing the past like floodgates open
for the first time in a long time awaken.
Happiness unfolds.

Hope blossoms in a terrifying way
watching scenes unfold as if from a play.
Contentment unfolds.

The knowledge of fate’s cruel hand
holds fear of the unplanned.
Trepidation unfolds.

Always there invisible yet strong
you guide me with your singsong.
Strength unfolds.

The healing started
you know not when.
But then –

– R.J