A Little Like This

It was like digging your nails into the earth over and over again, and coming up empty every time. Reaching into the core of your soul, and finding nothing to grasp hold of. I could scream his name a thousand times into the twilight, and twenty miles away, all he’d hear is the wailing creatures of the night. His darkness blinded my senses whilst his couldn’t be clearer. The light I gave him couldn’t have shone any brighter. How can one walk away from a person who left footprints, not fucking fingerprints, on your heart? He set me on fire and left me to choke on the smoke, retching on the ashes of our past.

And just like that, he was gone.

Oh, My Love

Oh, my love,
if ever you feel like stars do not quite
shine bright enough,
or the sea is too deep for you,
or you are suffocating in
the silence around you,
remember me.
For I will risk all I have
to rescue you.
I will paint the moon into the sky,
just to see her reflected in your eyes.
I will help you swim, and I will
keep you afloat even when you tire.
Oh, my love,
remember me.
Remember that.