D –


Lovers don’t finally meet somewhere,
they’re in each other all along.


A Little Like This

Original Writing

It was like digging your nails into the earth over and over again, and coming up empty every time. Reaching into the core of your soul, and finding nothing to grasp hold of. I could scream his name a thousand times into the twilight, and twenty miles away, all he’d hear is the wailing creatures of the night. His darkness blinded my senses whilst his couldn’t be clearer. The light I gave him couldn’t have shone any brighter. How can one walk away from a person who left footprints, not fucking fingerprints, on your heart? He set me on fire and left me to choke on the smoke, retching on the ashes of our past.

And just like that, he was gone.


Original Poetry

Heart accelerating,
hands sweating,
thoughts racing,
mind numbing,
overwhelming excitement.
All these things
I feel when
I’m around you.

Written In The Stars

Original Writing

Even though “logic” says otherwise, a part of me will always think, and hope, that fate brought us together. Our love story was written in the stars way before our time.

My Favourite Song

Original Poetry

I hang onto every word,
with everything you say
being so lyrical,
so seductive.
Sweet dulcet tones,
they call it.
Harmonies fill my ears
when we make love.
The two lovers,
despite all the odds put against them,
survived to tell the tale.
The only lovers
who can
simply glance at each other
across the room
and a thousand words
will hang in the air.
The seduction is
The desire
is overwhelming.

Learn Me

Original Poetry

Of all the hands
I could ever want
to hold,
it fundamentally comes
down to yours.
I want to hold your hand
on a cold, harsh winter’s evening,
and wrap it up in my own hands,
with my fingertips tracing
your veins
under a blanket of stars.
I want to hold your hand
as we climb up hills and roads
in hot countries,
where the sun burns as brightly
as your soul does when
I’m with you.
I want to guide your hands
to all
the untouched parts
of me.
I want your hands
to learn me.