Original Poetry

She whispered secrets into his skin,
sealed with a purple kiss.
In this,
her lust

Original Writing

The Gold-Hearted

You know, it makes me sad when people I love come to me withdrawn, angry or upset about giving too much of themselves to someone, only to never receive the same in return. All relationships, whatever they may be, work on giving and receiving; if one element is missing, the equation will never be complete. It’s sad to see kind-hearted, genuine, good people getting trampled over by people who’ve yet to find themselves and their place in this world. Their insecurities manifested into brutal cold shoulders and blank expressions. I’ve yet to believe in loving unconditionally when such people roam this earth.

Original Poetry

A Middle Eastern Sunrise


I felt you in the Eastern sunrise
just as I felt you in the Western sunset,
but you weren’t there.
I saw you in the overlapping mountain peaks
and in the layer of mist caressing the snow-capped tips,
but you still weren’t there.
I sensed you in the mid-winter breeze
as it lashed it’s claws onto my skin
but you weren’t there next to me.
How can one be everywhere
without being anywhere at all?
Original Writing

A Little Like This

It was like digging your nails into the earth over and over again, and coming up empty every time. Reaching into the core of your soul, and finding nothing to grasp hold of. I could scream his name a thousand times into the twilight, and twenty miles away, all he’d hear is the wailing creatures of the night. His darkness blinded my senses whilst his couldn’t be clearer. The light I gave him couldn’t have shone any brighter. How can one walk away from a person who left footprints, not fucking fingerprints, on your heart? He set me on fire and left me to choke on the smoke, retching on the ashes of our past.

And just like that, he was gone.

Original Poetry

He’s With Her

He’s with her
And all I can think about
Is him
And how he’s touching her
And the smile he has on his face
As she flirts with him
And how he flirts back
With a shy smile
Like the one I fell in love with
On 11th February
And I wonder if he’s kissed her
Or if he’s kissing her
And he smiles during the kiss
Like he did in our first one
And I know he’s loving spending time with her
Because she’s pretty
And happy
And she wears nice clothes
And has a great body
With super great hips
And an amazing set
Of teeth of course.
And I wonder if he’ll even think about me
Just once
When he’s with her
Or maybe he’ll be too busy
Laughing at her jokes
And making ones to get her smile.
And I’m sitting here
In my bed
With no one to cry to
Except for a worn out pillow case
Who’s heard my dreams and felt my tears
And knows more about me than he did.