Bajirao Mastani

On a day when fate and time stood witness
two star crossed lovers breathed their last.
They say witnessing a falling star
fulfils any wish,
but these two stars fell to earth
wishing only to belong to each other.

Original Poetry

February Thoughts

If the stars can forgive the sun

for shunning them away

into invisible darkness,

I can learn to accept 

that every kind of love

that comes into one’s life

isn’t necessarily meant 

to stay. 

Original Poetry

Cosmic Laws


When I spoke of him, I always commented on
how empty his soul must have been
to rip through my heart with such callous ignorance.
But then I remembered that
darkness is the only way
one can catch a glimpse of the stars,
and despite the brutality of this blinding darkness
it never counteracts the incandescent blanket
which will always shine brighter.