Original Poetry

We Are Everything

We are made up
Of all the books we read
All the nights we cry,
All the dreams our pillows have witness
And all the secrets we’ve shared to the stars.
We are our worst fears
And our greatest dreams,
The air in our lungs,
And the blood in our veins.
We are the music we love
And the words we whisper to the ones we love.
We are everything one could be.

Original Poetry

Risk Takers

Do the things
You said you’d never do.
Follow the dreams
You felt too
Far-fetched for someone
Like you.
Taking that leap of faith,
With the potential risks
Ever so overbearing,
It’s natural to feel nervous
And lack confidence.
But sometimes,
Taking that risk
Is worth it-
Because what if,
Just what if-
It turned out okay?
And we took the jump,
To actually land on two feet.