Original Poetry


“Don’t be afraid if I fall in love.” 

I guarantee I’ll get there first
and I’ll turn around
and you’ll shake your head.


I once knew a girl who loved 
things most people shun. 
Every man she ever loved was
terrible to her, terrible 
I tell you. 
But there was something 
about them that intrigued 
her – she loved broken things,
broken people. 
To her, if there was
nothing to fix there was
nothing to love. 
– Christopher Poindexter
Original Writing

The Thoughts of A Free Verse Poet

With a pen in my hand,
Resting on a blank piece of paper,
And a blank screen staring in front of me,
I don’t think I could be happier,
Than when I’m alone,
With a chaotic sandstorm
Of poems yet to be written
And feelings
Yet to be diagnosed
With words.
The potential for magic
Rests in the air
And it is magnificently compelling.

Original Poetry

A Diamond On The Horizon

I’ll endlessly stare at you
Until you see me for all I am
And all I am yet to be.
I hope one day you’ll realise
All that I stood for,
And how unique I was.
I changed every day
When I was around you,
Surrounded by you.
You demanded my attention,
But threw away every ounce of adoration
I had for you.
You chased a dime
When there was a diamond on the horizon.
And I hope
You are fucking happy with the choices you made.
Because I am.
I made it.
And you didn’t.