A Bucket List Wish

Original Writing

Every sunset will be witnessed with someone’s thumb over the pulse of my right wrist, watching the fiery glow softly caress everything it sets its sight on. I’ll be standing in the middle of a storm as the scent of our youth crashes into the ground, leaving behind a mess of broken ambition and ecstasy. Intoxicated with the idea of mystery and adventure, I’ll follow my happiness. Submerged in my freedom, I will live how life should be lived; with no limits, no expectations and no rules.

Mohammad Al-Dhaba


لا أحد يعرف اللحظات الصغيرة التي ماتت فيها روحك، و لا أحد يعرف متى عادت و لا كيف عادت! و لا أحد يعرف لماذا تبتسم و أنت وحدك، كن قوياً لأجلك!

no one knows the tiny moments when your soul died, knows when it was revived or how, and no one knows why you smile when you’re alone. Be strong for you