We promise forever in a world where even life is temporary. 

– Anonymous


Rain in Summer

Original Poetry
There’s something about rain
in the summer;
so intoxicating,
a promise waiting to be fulfilled.
The smell of a Friday afternoon air,
so demanding
you can almost taste the drizzle
on your tongue.
You can taste the
impending thunder storm.
Or rather,
the calm before the storm.
That’s what I love about the rain
in the months of the summer.
The promise of it
as it lingers
in the air.

To Be Yours

Original Poetry

I promise to be yours at 2 in the morning
And yours at 2 in the afternoon.
I’ll love you beyond comprehension
And I’ll encourage your greatest strengths.
I’ll stand by you in your darkest hour
And watch over you when you’re at your best.
I’ll relentlessly stand by you,
Whether you need me or not.
This is my oath to you.

Common Decency

Original Poetry

Imagine how many promises have been made on this earth,
Only to be broken
An utterly incomprehensible thought.
Compare that
To the number of promises
I honestly think
The vast difference
Will put us all
To shame.
Don’t make promises
Unless you have the intention
Of keeping them.