Original Poetry

My Body Is A Vase

My body is similar to that of a vase.
Too much force
And I’ll break.
Not enough attention or care,
And the dust will gather,
I’ll age,
And just be another
Once-valued possession
On your mantelpiece.

Original Writing

No One Can Do It Better

Think of your body as a blank canvas, awaiting a work of art. Whether it be a tattoo to a birth mark, to a stretch mark, your body is a masterpiece no matter what stains it. Be proud of the skin you’re in, and wear it with the utmost pride, because only you can wear it as brilliantly and confidently as you do. People might judge you, but they are people who don’t understand. And people don’t always accept what they don’t understand. Be you, and be you as best as you can; no one else can do it better.