Original Writing

On A Daily Basis

“She gave me shit on a daily basis. I hated her guts on some days. I told her to leave me alone and never come back, and some days she did exactly that. But it was the best feeling in the world. I had someone to come home to and make me dinner after a hard day at work. If I had arguments with friends or colleagues or even family members, she’d know exactly what to say to calm me down. Not just that, she talked sense into me when no other voices work their way into my brain. She was exactly what I needed and although we gave each other grief, I hope she’ll remember all the good that came out of us. I think it was love, it certainly wasn’t lust. Lust would’ve been the taste of her lips in the moonlight, but I loved the feeling I’d get when I rubbed a thumb over her lips. I loved the colour of her eyes after I kissed her. I don’t think lust covers that. I want her back, but I was too late and she grew stronger without me and I know I give myself shit on a daily basis.”


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