Original Writing

The Gold-Hearted

You know, it makes me sad when people I love come to me withdrawn, angry or upset about giving too much of themselves to someone, only to never receive the same in return. All relationships, whatever they may be, work on giving and receiving; if one element is missing, the equation will never be complete. It’s sad to see kind-hearted, genuine, good people getting trampled over by people who’ve yet to find themselves and their place in this world. Their insecurities manifested into brutal cold shoulders and blank expressions. I’ve yet to believe in loving unconditionally when such people roam this earth.

Original Poetry

The Human Storm

on the one hand
I want to kiss you,
and let myself
be consumed by you.
my soul
to be destroyed by
your desire,
i also want to
destroy you
in the most
beautiful way possible;
there is a reason
storms are named
after humans

Original Poetry

War Child

dropping bombs on the kids of tomorrow
war criminals creating
war children
what happened to us?
we’re humans lacking



Each person you see is a book filled with chapters and words and stories. They have bones made of paper and letters inscribed on their hearts. 

You are a novel that I crave to read. I want to memorize your every letter, fold the pages on my favourite parts of you, read you over and over again. 

And maybe, I could become a part of your lovely story.