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“The rockets may be above us, but they have forgotten Allah is above them.” 

– Gaza



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Terrorism Ignored

Britain First Target Muslim Elected Officials Including Sadiq Khan In ‘Direct Action Campaign’

Britain First (even the name makes me cackle a little) have decided to launch a campaign against Muslim “elected officials” in their attempt to ban Islam in the United Kingdom.

Firstly, BF have “intelligence” which confirms our Mayor of London, Sadiq Khan, is a terrorist. Secondly, they have threatened to target these elected officials through “militant direct action.” What I fail to understand is why they want to ban one religion; surely, if they wanted Britain to become a Christian country, they’d eradicate all other religions, too? This is my first example of the comical irony that is Britain First.

A political party have declared they are going to attack elected officials because they’re all either related to or are extremists. They are calling on the general public to come together to attack. They encourage people to confront Muslims on the street. They’re inciting racial hatred. Now, anyone with half a brain will know that Britain First stands for nothing more than racist bigotry, but what frustrates me is that no one takes the threats as seriously as they would if a Muslim community would say such things.

Furthermore, the West has started to pick and choose what they define as “terrorism.” For example, the War on Gaza; I admit, in the past I have been particularly and unfairly biased towards Palestine fundamentally because as a Muslim, I’m easily influenced if I see fellow Muslims being slaughtered, especially young children. I know that both sides are not innocent and Hamas have done more than their fair share of projecting violence towards Israel. However there are examples of terrorism in Israel’s methods of occupation and war tactics. One is when Israeli forces blocked in and isolated Ni’lin, a village on the West Bank; as a result of this, Palestinians were denied food, water and ate; essentially, they were starving out until they died. This was not aired on the news.

Another example of selective news airing: 300 Syrians were allegedly killed in a massacre orchestrated by the Islamic State in January 2016. It was reported that 85 civilians were confirmed dead, with 50 troops killed, too. This took place over 24 hours; a shocking massacre. This was not aired on the news.

In my previous post, I wrote about bias in the media against Muslims in particular; the Western media, such as the BBC, will only ever report on events which concern them. And they’ll omit significant facts in order to manipulate the masses. During the Paris attacks in November 2015, a worker at the attacked cafe Casa Nostra, Safer, rescued two heavily injured women when the firing began, escorting them to the basement where he ultimately saved their lives. This story was hardly mentioned on social media, and not at all by news broadcasters, however, a month-long analysis of the attacks was aired without any hesitation.

Persecuting citizens due to their religion, race or culture is terrorism, regardless of where it is in the world. The Holocaust was so heavily condemned, so why aren’t these acts of inhumane violence treated the same? The hypocrisy will always astound me. The media and those who believe every single word they hear on the television or on the internet need to open their eyes. Think for yourself, instead of allowing thoughts to be dictated to you.  Think of who is talking to you on the internet, or on TV. We’re intentionally blinded by what others do not want us to know.

A x


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Road Rage (Off the Roads)

It’s Christmas this week. Holy guacamole.

As I’m working right up until Christmas Eve, I most likely won’t be able to post closer to the big day (and my dad’s birthday which funnily enough falls on Christmas day!)

It’s a shame Christmas has become more of a commercial holiday and less of a festive period in which families come together. People are becoming increasingly angry and stressed in supermarkets and stores, as if there’s a possibility that the number of turkeys, crackers and sprouts might suddenly diminish into non-existence and we’ll be left with nothing on our table for Christmas lunch/dinner. (or ‘tea’ for you Northerners, hm) The vicious attitude of shoppers in the run up to the big day is simply incomprehensible. Getting angry with staff because they don’t have something in stock, or they can’t find something is beyond stupid. People shoving and pushing each other to get to products, using their shopping bags as weapons to get pass one another on pavements etc. It’s carnage. But for what reason? Greed and selfishness sets the foundation for most attitudes stated above.

It’s worth remembering that there are countless children, men and women who’ll be spending Christmas alone in war torn, poverty stricken countries with no presents under a tree or a turkey on the table. They don’t even have clean clothes to wear on a daily basis, a luxury we take for granted.

I hate to be cliche, but I’m trying to provide the ‘gift of giving’ this Christmas by sending a card to an orphan who tragically lost her family; ultimately, I don’t want her to feel lonely – I know it’s not a huge deal but it’s a gesture and I’m hoping it’ll go a long way for her. The prospect of spending a period like this alone is something I daren’t begin to think about but is a reality for so many across the world, and it’s heartbreaking to accept that vulnerable people will be on their own during a time where so many of us take for granted what we have around us.

I hope you all have a wonderful Christmas, but please keep our vulnerable  war-children and victims in your hearts.

A x


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The War on Gaza

Once again, I’m filled with anger and outrage at the zionists murdering innocent Palestinians in order to gain full control over their land. Once again, I’m filled with remorse and guilt at being utterly unable to do anything from here other than raise awareness and give to charity.

Words can’t describe what it’s like to see newspapers plastered with images of dead toddlers and pregnant women, with houses being obliterated simply because the homeowners spoke out against being terrorised in their own homes. And the fact that the Israeli government are refusing so acknowledge their atrocious war-crimes makes the situation evermore disgusting; they don’t admit this is an act of terrorism. They do not admit their fault in killing innocent civilians, including children. If one has the audacity to kill a child in cold blooded murder, we must question their humanity.

The most frustrating aspect of this conflict is the Israeli government’s denial. For as long as I can remember, we are forced to recognise the atrocities of the Second World War, even from childhood. It’s a part of the syllabus! The act of persecution is one we simply cannot refute. So how can one reject the fact that Palestinians are being persecuted? Oh, the irony, that the persecuted are now the persecutors. And to think, if anyone denied the Holocaust took place, there would be a public outcry, death threats and protests. Look at how quiet the world is with regards to the conflict in Gaza, compared to the persecution of Jews by Hitler. It’s sickening and incredibly hypocritical.

It’s optimistic to know, however, that people are growing furthermore angry with the situation and are directly demanding Israel for answers. I stumbled across a video a while ago which inspired to me write this. We are few in numbers but there are people publicly speaking out on behalf of the voiceless Palestinians. The next step is to hold our government accountable for the negligence they’ve shown. How they’ve allowed this to happen, still, this humanitarian crisis.

Their voices cannot be silenced forever. The sooner the world collectively realises the corruptive nature of the Israeli government and the hypocrisy in their actions, the sooner this conflict can be resolved.

We are with you, Gaza.


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World Wars

Terrorists refuse to take responsibility for the burnt corpses of 18 month old babies. They blame other terrorists. An act of terror, in my view, is the persecution of minorities. Violence. Cold-blooded murder. Racial cleansing. If we can’t accept this is a war, there’s never going to be a victor. No one will win. Everyone will lose. The children of tomorrow should be waking up to the sound of birds singing at dawn, not bombs incinerating their innocence and childhood.


It’s on the news almost everyday yet so little is being done about it. Although the situation in Palestine is not a new one, it has escalated dramatically to the extent that it is almost impossible to believe that Israel has any support. This is no longer a conflict, this is now a war crime, a humanitarian crisis. Any supporters of Israel’s acts of violence, sadistic cruelty and murder are as complicit in these war crimes as the soldiers themselves. Any conflict which involves the slaughtering of children is wrong and should be put to an end as soon as possible, but what makes this so much worse is that Palestinians are vulnerable; they have no army, no high tec weaponry and Israel is very aware of this, yet continue to slaughter civilians. Families are given no warning if their areas are to be bombed. Playgrounds have been bombed. Hospitals are being targeted. There is no justification for this level of violence.
“It’s not about religion, it’s about humanity.”
If the resolution is so simple, why is it so hard for both sides to reach it?


Palestine vs Israel