Paris Shootings 2015

Current Affairs


As a Muslim, I am outraged at the attacks that took place in France. There is no justification for murdering innocent men and women, especially not in the name of religion. The intention of these terrorists is to evoke fear and panic, however, they achieved quite the opposite; people across the world publicly united in their condemnation against fanatical extremists. Of course, I do not approve of their blasphemous cartoon: portraying the Prophet as gay is controversially distressing, not to mention disrespectful. Nonetheless, to retaliate against a cartoon from years ago with murdering the cartoonists and other innocent men and women is disgusting and disgraceful.

We will not be isolated in our condemnation of terrorism. We will stand together, united, in our disgust of extremists committing murder on a daily basis. Killing innocent people will achieve nothing other than increased anger. We have had enough, and we will stand against you until you fall.

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