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A masterpiece is still a masterpiece in an empty room.

A masterpiece will not become less of a masterpiece with the lights out.

A masterpiece will not cease to be a masterpiece, even if no one admires all it stands for.

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The War on Gaza

Once again, I’m filled with anger and outrage at the zionists murdering innocent Palestinians in order to gain full control over their land. Once again, I’m filled with remorse and guilt at being utterly unable to do anything from here other than raise awareness and give to charity.

Words can’t describe what it’s like to see newspapers plastered with images of dead toddlers and pregnant women, with houses being obliterated simply because the homeowners spoke out against being terrorised in their own homes. And the fact that the Israeli government are refusing so acknowledge their atrocious war-crimes makes the situation evermore disgusting; they don’t admit this is an act of terrorism. They do not admit their fault in killing innocent civilians, including children. If one has the audacity to kill a child in cold blooded murder, we must question their humanity.

The most frustrating aspect of this conflict is the Israeli government’s denial. For as long as I can remember, we are forced to recognise the atrocities of the Second World War, even from childhood. It’s a part of the syllabus! The act of persecution is one we simply cannot refute. So how can one reject the fact that Palestinians are being persecuted? Oh, the irony, that the persecuted are now the persecutors. And to think, if anyone denied the Holocaust took place, there would be a public outcry, death threats and protests. Look at how quiet the world is with regards to the conflict in Gaza, compared to the persecution of Jews by Hitler. It’s sickening and incredibly hypocritical.

It’s optimistic to know, however, that people are growing furthermore angry with the situation and are directly demanding Israel for answers. I stumbled across a video a while ago which inspired to me write this. We are few in numbers but there are people publicly speaking out on behalf of the voiceless Palestinians. The next step is to hold our government accountable for the negligence they’ve shown. How they’ve allowed this to happen, still, this humanitarian crisis.

Their voices cannot be silenced forever. The sooner the world collectively realises the corruptive nature of the Israeli government and the hypocrisy in their actions, the sooner this conflict can be resolved.

We are with you, Gaza.


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3 Minutes of Coverage

What I fail to understand is why the BBC will give a massacre of Christians by Islamic State only 3 minutes of coverage, then 15 minutes of coverage to how the West are at risk? How selfish have they become, that they are disregarding such a horrendous massacre to a few minutes on television? Is that these people are worth, in comparison to us? Are we really more important?


– Forever

It’s strange, the things we do for a thrill, to make ourselves feel alive, are the same things that may kill us. The same is true when it comes to human relationships; the people we love the most are the ones most capable of hurting us most deeply.