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Take Care of Your Body

I’m speaking as someone who has suffered from a lot of health problems in their life. I tried very hard to look after my body, not smoking or drinking, eating a relatively balanced diet etc, but it still didn’t stop my body from attacking itself and developing conditions which caused agonising pain and misery.
My body isn’t the healthiest it’s ever been at this moment in time. In fact, I’m beginning to believe my body cannot cope with what it’s going through. I had two operations in 2013 and I’m still suffering from another condition. and I tried so bloody hard to stay on the right track with my health.
When I see people smoking or binge drinking or doing drugs, it both breaks my heart and fills me with utter rage. You have been blessed with a healthy body and you are destroying it for what? A kick? One bloody pathetic kick? God has given you a gift of being in good health and you treat it like that? I’ve been in a hospital room with a cancer patient and a stroke victim.
If you don’t take care of your body, that could be you.
I WISH I was so lucky as to be healthy. To have a chance to leave my house without being consumed with anxiety over when my next dose of pain relief will be, or where the nearest hospital is in case I suffer from another attack. But I don’t have that choice.
You do.
Take care of your body.
You might not see the damage you’re doing to it now, but don’t wait it out to experience the result of damage.