Original Writing

Morning Thoughts: 5.2.16

You can paint over cracks but you can’t paint them away.

Original Writing

Greener Grass

After peering over the fence for so long, I finally saw for myself if the grass really was greener on the other side. Truth is, it actually is. But that’s not always a good thing – maybe some of us like a little autumn under our feet. Maybe the greener grass isn’t all it’s made out to be.

Original Poetry

Continue to Love

I will never stop loving the people
I loved.
They will still be loved,
And I will not regret
My devotion to them.
Every life lesson
Teaches you something.
This one taught me
I loved harder than I lived.
And that, to me,
Is not a sign of weakness.
It’s a sign of

Original Poetry

You Are A Queen

Don’t be sad
If someone you love
Walks away from you.
Despite losing someone who
Meant the world to you,
They have lost someone
Who devoted their entire
Existence to you.
One day, I promise,
They will realise that.
And they will come back.
And apologise.
Accept that apology,
Then walk away
With your head held up high
And your shoulders rolled back
With an air of confidence.
You are a queen.
You don’t always need a king.