Life Updates

Back to Work!

Ah. After five weeks of unemployment, I can’t possibly express how nice it is to finally have a job again, especially one I adore so much.

Thankfully, I’m back working in menswear at the same company as before, but this time in a better location and at an A list store! I’m just over a week into my new routine and it’s been absolutely crazy; the pressure of a better performing store is certainly intense at times but it’s something to make the most of. Furthermore, with this job I can now focus more on training to be a merchandiser, although merchandising here is a whole new ball game! From the team to the products, everything is wonderful and I’m super excited to work here until September.

Working in a new store also makes me realise how much I miss my old one! The little family we had back in my old branch was something quite special, and at times I miss having a boss who pretty much let me get away with anything and everything. I was incredibly lucky to have a supportive set of senior staff who looked after me as much as they did and being practically best pals with my department manager. However, leaving the store was the best decision I could have made, especially after having to endure bullying for three months straight by a colleague.

Finally, I’m just grateful to be working again! A health update is pending, but as of right now, working up to 30 hours a week is just what I need at this point – not only does it serve as a brilliant distraction, but it’s also a hell of a lot of fun. It takes my mind of all the crappy stuff going on with my health right now, and I don’t have time to wallow in self pity/think about pain whilst I’m running around the shop floor.

So thank you to my old work family for transforming me into a menswear ace, and I look forward to great new adventures with my new menswear family.

Ciao, and Ramadan Mubarak!


Original Writing


Ideally, we ought to show love for our mothers every single day of the year. Sometimes, we forgot to show them just how much they mean to us.

This past year has been horrendous for me and one of only reasons I survived 2015 was thanks to my mother’s relentless encouragement, positivity and belief in me to make it through. It’s something I guess I just took for granted but never should; thanks to her, I have the strength to persevere and fight every obstacle that comes my way.

They say a mother’s love is like nothing else on this planet. But a child’s love for their mother is also incomparable. I thank God for giving me a mother as bright and loving as her; presents and a card don’t really to justice for what mothers really deserve in life.

Happy mother’s day, mum. And thank you, for everything. Nothing you’ve done for me has gone unnoticed.

Anisah x

Original Writing

A Week of Good News!

Last week was possibly one of the best weeks to date, and one of the happiest.

As I bid a sad farewell to Roehampton in November last year, I had roughly a month to reapply for university before the deadline this month. This included getting all my references and a phenomenal personal statement ready in 4 weeks; quite possibly the most stressful period of my life. Considering people had already submitted their applications in October, I was already at a disadvantage but I sent mine off just before Christmas in the hope of hearing back from my chosen universities by the beginning of 2016.

Despite a couple of rejections from London-based universities (perhaps I was aiming a little too high, perhaps their standards are too high for me) I received an unconditional offer to study English literature at one of my top choice universities. No interview, no applicant day, just a guaranteed place! It feels pretty amazing and the course itself is just that, too. All in all, I am hugely relieved. I’ve heard wonderful things about the place from so many people, and I’m so glad to be getting out of London! Despite knowing I’ll always be a Londoner at heart, the prospect of studying in a whole new environment sounds very appealing and refreshing.

I also received some very promising news regarding my future at my current place of work. Over the Christmas period and presently, as I’m sure most of you have read or picked up on by my continuous ramblings of it, I’ve been working for a pretty well-established clothing company in London. Initially, I was working as a seasonal sales assistant and my contract as a seasonal sales assistant is soon to be coming to an end. However, after meeting with my managers, they’ve offered me a permanent position and I couldn’t be happier. Sure, the customers can get awfully rude at times and sure, my manager can be a total pain in the butt 98% of the time but ultimately it’s been the best fashion retail experience of my life and that’s saying something. I can’t wait to eventually (and hopefully!) work my way up the ladder, broaden my horizons and take on all the challenges thrown at me. The team at work, from my floor manager to the cashiers, are simply incredible so I’m ecstatic to be given the opportunity to work with them at least up until September. (Side note to my boss: thanks for hitting up my website as often as you do, and for putting up with me. I love working for and with you, Azza.)

So amidst a week of good news and reconnecting with treasured old friends, I’m one happy girl. I’m also reaching the 13k milestone of views on my blog which is another huge achievement for me. But, I couldn’t have done it without the endless support from you, my loyal viewers and cherished friends.

A x


Original Writing

Thank You for 13,000!

I have somehow managed to hit another massive milestone on my blog: 13,000 views with a whopping 7,400 people having visited my site since it’s birth in August 2014!

Thank you to every single person who’s taken the time to read my posts, whether they be pointless poems, current affairs articles or just plain old ramblings of my life – it’s baffling and heartwarming that you all continue to read my work and I simply cannot thank you enough.

I’m also inexplicably grateful for the nominations for blogger awards: from my very first ‘One Lovely Blog Hop’ to the ‘Most Versatile Blogger’ award, I’m touched that people enjoy my blog as much as I enjoy writing.

Here’s to a prosperous and healthy 2016!

A x