Original Poetry

Risk Takers

Do the things
You said you’d never do.
Follow the dreams
You felt too
Far-fetched for someone
Like you.
Taking that leap of faith,
With the potential risks
Ever so overbearing,
It’s natural to feel nervous
And lack confidence.
But sometimes,
Taking that risk
Is worth it-
Because what if,
Just what if-
It turned out okay?
And we took the jump,
To actually land on two feet.

Original Poetry

Keeping The Love Alive

Long after their romance had ended,
She kept any ounce of love left
Through her poetry.
She immortalised their love.
And he always felt it,
In his heart,
Whenever he heard her name
Or saw her writings.
He felt the words pull at the strings
Of his feeble, fickle, fragile heart.
It would be a love never lost,
Despite it being gone.

Original Writing

To Live and To Be Alive

I’d love to travel the world with you one day. To just look up at the sky, and instead see palm trees cowering over us. To look down, and see a shocking drop into an ocean of azure blue, navy, white, turquoise. To watch the sun rise with magnificent glory, and to watch it set the same day with the ultimate elegance. Oh, to feel the sun burning on our back as we triumph into the landscapes before us, hand in hand, that gleam of adventure twinkling in our eyes. Chasing violet, violent colours. Then, when the sun gives way for the moon, the stars will cover us with their soft blanket across the night sky, and whilst they couldn’t be more alight, you and I couldn’t be more alive.