Original Poetry

Rest In Peace

I’ll sit in the graveyard,
And plant flowers by your stone.
The tears won’t stop, no matter how strong I thought I could be.
I loved you like you were blood, I didn’t know any different until I was older
And even then,
I didn’t feel any different.
You were made of the same blood
As us
And I felt something in me
When you died that day.
I felt my heart crash against a lamp-post
And not even the airbags could save me.
I cried for days, weeks, months.
It’s been a year or so since you died
And I’m counting down the days
Until your next anniversary,
So we can all sit and remember how
Incredible you were.
A man of so many achievements
And accomplishments;
A best friend, loving and loyal.
A father, protective and affectionate.
An uncle, doting and wonderful in every way.
I pray that God will protect you,
His brave angel now.
Your strength and power,
Determination and fighter’s spirit
Will live on in our hearts
Until we meet again.
May God rest your soul

Original Writing

I Will Never Be Truly Dead

I may not live to see the happy ending, and the beginning may have been a beautifully disastrous start to it all, but I sure as hell had a wonderful middle, filled with naive, raw happiness and no obscurities from the truth that was love. Every bone in my body trembled with excitement as I stumbled across new paths and adventures. The success I achieved before my time is something that’ll stay beyond my grave. Grieve briefly, for I will never be truly dead.

Original Poetry

Wasting Away

Maybe I’ll waste away
Right before your
Ocean blue eyes.
And your eyes will flood
When my empty vessel
Is covered with flowers
Replacing a soul
Once vibrant,
Slowly weakened
By illness.
But it will be okay,
My love.
You were loved
From the moment I set my
Eyes on you.
I will love you
After death.
I will love you
For eternity.

Original Poetry

Leaving This Lifetime

There’s a heavy pressure
In my chest
And I don’t know how long I’ll last.
But if I fade tonight,
I’ll know I’ve left this earth
This lifetime
In love.
And even though they don’t love me
I’ll be happy
In the knowledge that
I left this lifetime
With all my love
Devoted to one person.
and that one person
Will carry that with them