Original Poetry, Original Writing

A Post-Choly Diary

Everyone I love reminds me of my bravery, but here’s a little secret: 

Hidden deeply within the depths of my bravery

is a fear that consumes me. 

A fear that time is running out,

and so is my luck. 

Original Poetry


I hate the phrase
“everyone has their demons”
as if that could possibly
make any situation better.
People are
so quick
to forget that
we can’t all fight our demons.
they fucking win.
So yes,
the girl all in black
should be commended
for her bravery in fighting
the monsters under her bed.
But mine are in my head
and they won’t
Original Poetry

Thank You For Standing By Me

It takes such bravery
To love someone
Who suffers from the
Most destructive form
Of mental illness.
To relentlessly
Stand by their side
When their mind is
At war with itself
Takes the most courage
A person can hold
Within themselves.
The mood swings,
The paranoia,
The questions,
The breakdowns.
It’s a horrendous life
To live,
But even worse
For those on the outside.
You are not invisible
To us.
You are
Our lifesavers.
Without you,
Our lives would not be
As bearable
As you make it.
Thank you.