Happy Birthday, Dad!

Whilst many will be celebrating Christmas today, I’ll be celebrating something just as special to me – my dad’s birthday.

God has clearly touched me by giving me the father I have. Many of my friends and family always notice how quiet he is (and question how he could be related to someone as annoyingly vocal/loud as me) but very few have seen just how exceptionally compassionate he is. The most beautiful and heart-wrenching thing is I can read my father’s eyes like a book. Whatever emotion he is feeling, I can see it in his eyes. When I was lying on a hospital bed earlier this year following a health relapse, I saw his pain. When I got the acceptance letter of an unconditional offer at my dream university this year, I saw his overwhelming happiness and pride.

My dad’s soul is so precious. The love and care he has for so many people astounds me, and it never relents. He has sacrificed so much for me, so that I can live a good life, a happy life, and I know that no amount of money or material gain will ever amount to how much happiness he brings to my world.

And I will do everything in my power to one day give you the blessed life you’ve given me. Everything I do, I’ll do to make you proud. Because I am you, just as your spirit, passion and fire lives within me.

There aren’t enough words, or even the right words, to tell you how much I love you, papa. Thank you for everything. I hope 2017 brings you the happiness you deserve and more, because no one deserves eternal peace and prosperity more than you do.

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