Original Writing

Late Night Thoughts: 2.8.16

I’m always asked why I invest so much of my time, energy and emotions into friendships/relationships. I guess it’s fundamentally due to the fact that, growing up, I only had myself to fall back on. Being an only child, I grew up lonely but never alone. High school was a great wake up call; my close circle of friends soon disintegrated into nothing but empty promises of meeting in the summer and I guess I realised then that I was only friends with them because I saw them everyday. Now, I trust very few and love very deeply, which is both a blessing and a curse. I’m lucky to have such a close circle of friends now, who I can go without seeing for months on end and still talk to them everyday. Perhaps in loving someone as much as I do, I’m loving them for simply being there, you know? For being a person I can fall back on. My home comfort, away from home.


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