Project London

Galeries Bartoux

Whilst on my adventure in Christmassy London last weekend, I accidentally stumbled across an art gallery and I can unashamedly admit it was love at first sight. Having been to numerous art galleries over the years, this one undoubtedly set itself apart from the rest by being effortlessly classy. The gallery displayed prestigious externalisations of contemporary art surrounding the concepts of realism, surrealist and street art, ranging from sculptures to paintings and murals.

The shockingly hidden gallery was empty when we walked in, and we soon realised that these works of art were not simply to be admired but to be bought as well. Unfortunately, I wasn’t allowed to take pictures of everything I fell in love with but the owners did let me take a few snaps of the pieces that enticed loud gasps (which I most certainly do not regret.)

From my understanding of the relatively new company, this gallery on Bond Street is their newest one yet, with galleries situated across the globe in America, Singapore and it’s birthplace – Paris. I highly recommend giving it a visit; it’s art like no other.

All photos below are my own!

A x


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