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Work & Life Update: Dec 2015


I’m now four whole days (6-9 hours per day) into my new job and can honestly say that I’ve never worked so hard and been so happy with a fashion-retail job in my entire life. Not only are my team fantastic, but they’re incredibly understanding and fun to be around (My manager will be very chuffed when he sees this.)

Working for one of the biggest ‘high end’ fashion brands is pretty daunting and by the end of a full day’s shift, I’m ready for bed. But the work isn’t unenjoyable and that’s the main thing (I say that now, but I guarantee that opinion will change drastically once the christmas week and shopping carnage begins.)  I look forward to my shifts, despite some of them being 9 hours long. I consider myself awfully lucky to have this job as it’s a stepping stone to progression in the industry!

The aim of taking this year off was to focus on my health and take time to recover from whatever is going on inside me. After undergoing a procedure and having ridiculous amounts of tests done, it’s still inconclusive which is exactly what we weren’t hoping for. Nevertheless, I’m looking at the lack of information on these tests as a positive sign, in the hope that I will recover in my own time. My condition(s), whatever they may be, are unpredictable and can be triggered by anything and everything – fatty food, taking medication to getting a cold! That’s why it’s imperative for me to not overwork myself but at the same time keep busy and preoccupied. For a long time, I felt incredibly low and disheartened by this illness but now I’ve realised that I’m one of the not so lucky ones – and that’s okay.

I want to enjoy the next few weeks coming up to the big 25th!

Happy christmas countdown,

A x


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