Current Affairs

Syria Air Strikes

The result of the Syria Vote has pretty much summed up David Cameron’s attitude towards terrorism, innocent war-torn victims and the general public, including those who stupidly elected him.

After signing a petition, with over 179,000 other members of the public against the Syrian air strikes, I was utterly disgusted to hear our government’s final decision. Cameron’s arrogance at going ahead with launching attacks on Syria is fundamentally fuelled by his ego; he doesn’t want to be seen doing nothing so he does the next best thing – bombing. In many ways, its hardly surprising. He’s following in the footsteps of Blair and Bush who caused a war in which the vacuum of terror expanded. I’m struggling to understand how Cameron came to this decision knowing that air strikes on Syria will furthermore put British society at risk of terror  attacks.

The decision also shows an utter disregard for human life. The blood of innocent Syrian men, women and children is already on his hands as recent footage has shown mass casualties. A river of blood running down an destroyed town, men crying “what is my fault” to cameramen and parents picking up their children’s lifeless bodies from rubble. It’s imperative to note how the airstrikes targeted civilians, with ISIS bases nowhere near casualty sites.

I’m ashamed to live in a country where a prime minister has made such a reckless decision which he believes is for our safety. We’ve let Syria down when they were most vulnerable and in need of our help. David Cameron’s exploitation of the vulnerable has reflected in his choices as Prime Minister, from the cuts to mental health care services and NHS funding, treatment of working class citizens and now this.

Sadly, we’re living in a society where people in power believe the answer to terrorism is more terrorism. And by doing so, we’ve increased the problem. The deaths of Syrian civilians is NOT collateral damage. Instead of fighting a war against terror, Cameron has opted to fight Syria. I hope he can live with the increased threat he’s introduced on our society as well as on innocent civilians in Syria.

Oh, and David? The fact that we’re supporting a country you’ve agreed to obliterate is not “terror sympathising” as you put it. It’s called humanitarian duty: to protect those who cannot protect themselves.


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