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First Day at Work!


After deciding to leave university, I had roughly 2 weeks of doing absolutely nothing and for those of you who know me, understandably I went mad. I realised that having no work to do wasn’t what I wanted at all; I thrive on having things to do and keeping myself preoccupied so I decided to start looking for work. This may sound horrendously ironic and hypocritical considering I left university to rest and focus on getting better, and it’s understandable to think that if I can work in retail for 8 hours in one day, I can go to university.

But I’m working two to three days a week at the moment, and I have no academic worries lingering over my head. I have no deadlines to worry about either. I’m on strong medication to control the pain at the moment, so my work wouldn’t be anywhere near as good and coherent as what I know I’m capable of. Opioids don’t make for great analytical essays!

I’ve been working in the fashion retail industry for a year now and it’s not easy. Its a cut-throat world and your efforts are generally discarded if the figures aren’t what’s required for the store. To add to this, Christmas is drawing dangerously close which means longer hours, more mayhem and godawful attitudes to members of staff. Nevertheless, it keeps me busy and that’s what I adore about retail. I’m not constantly worrying about things I need to do and thinking about the pain all the time. Having a year off is great for me, health-wise, but it’s also a great chance to improve those necessary life skills.

Health-wise, we’re still in the dark but things seem to be okay for now; the pain comes and goes, not as frequently as it used to and I’m eating a little better now. The a&e visits aren’t as frequent, either, which is a nice change. It’s a matter of trial and error at the moment with medication to keep the pain at bay. The not knowing aspect of this health condition is awful and a little disheartening especially as this has been going on for so long. I just have to maintain faith in myself, my doctors and surgeons and the medication.

Happy Christmas shopping!

A x


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