Original Writing

What is Art?

What is art? Conventionally, emotionally and subjectively?

To me, art is the way we learn to move on from someone we lose. Embodiment of the strength we’ve been preached to embrace. It’s looking at a painting in the Louvre and not just appreciating the message of the artist, but truly understanding what he’s trying to tell us.

It’s having a relationship with someone that extends beyond the boundaries of spiritual and physical. It’s turning someone into your own masterpiece. It’s running your hands through his hair and watching his eyes light up. It’s being submerged in the depth of his blue eyes.

It’s when you’re sitting on train and watching what the eyes can’t pick up. A blur of fifteen shades of green isn’t just mother nature’s colour pallet.

Art, to me, is falling in love with someone and picking up the broken pieces when they trace a knife inside and around the most fragile parts of your being.

Art is a way of living life, and making everything in life your own.


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