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My Social Media Links

Just a little post on my social media links if you want to see more of me, and follow my everyday movements!

Twitter: @_anisahhamid

My twitter feed mostly consists of updates on my day to day activities, along with a couple of links every now and then to this blog.

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/anisahhamid96

Another form of social media on which I advertise my website and other social media links.

Pinterest: www.pinterest.com/anisah_hamid96/

I love Pinterest because not only does it reflect what I love and my interests/hobbies, but I upload my own photography on there, too!

VSCO Photography Portfolio: http://anisahhamid.vsco.co/grid/1

My favourite form of social media: my online photography portfolio. Here is where I edit all my favourite pictures from any excursions or adventures I go on. All photos are my own, taken on my iPhone, unless I specify otherwise.

Tumblr: http://anisahhamid.tumblr.com/

Another kind of blog. Funnily enough, Tumblr was my first actual blog from where this wonderful website was created. A great platform on which I can blog my own work and re-blog other people’s work, too. I don’t use it an awful lot, however, as I spend most of my time working on this site!

Enjoy and follow me wherever you like!


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