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New Job, New Home: New Chapter

First, I’ll start with apologies: it’s been an unforgivably long time since I last posted. Secondly, I’m starting a new job next week.!

As I’m moving house next Wednesday and starting my job on Saturday, I thought I’d fill you in on what has been happening so far.

We’re moving to the countryside, a lovely little town called Merstham, near Redhill which is about 20 minutes from Gatwick Airport. (No worries, you can’t hear the planes!) It’s conveniently closer to London than Redhill and a 30 minute drive from London which makes me very happy indeed. We’re out in the countryside, with country lanes and green landscapes as far as the eye can see with the bonus of being very close to London. I couldn’t be happier; moving into a bigger house in a wonderful environment.

To top this off, I’m starting a new job at Skinnydip London; a fantastic and authentic accessory brand who not only have modern, wacky and inspirational designs of products but also support young British talent! They sell anything from phone cases to headphones, bags to USB cables. Having a website as popular as this, thanks you each and every one of you, and having a photography portfolio online is one of the reasons I’m so proud to have received a role to work there. Coming across an art-inspired or design-orientated firm is so rare which makes this new opportunity even more exciting.

The 4am starts will be a challenge, but nevertheless a challenge I’m willing to accept wholeheartedly.

Happy blogging!


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