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Reverse Racism

It’s unfair to say that you cannot be racist to white people. Untrue. Racism can affect anyone and everyone, no matter what race. Common human decency allows the very few of us who have it to exercise fairness and equality amongst each and every person. However, it can be considered that, inevitably, ignorance is the loudest voice, and it’s those who have human decency who have allowed ignorance to ring out as loud as it is. I believe it is in our best interests to suppress the ignorant voice by overwhelming it with common sense. Undermine the inequality and racism: protect the future generations and give them a better life to live in. We simply cannot let out children grow up in a society where one race is seen as superior and the other inferior. There is no inferior. We are all superior, as we are all equal. If we are seen as one in the eyes of God, why can we all not see that with our own eyes?


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