Original Writing

Do You Still Remember Me?

The nights are sleepless, my mind won’t let me rest. Inside it are thoughts running endlessly, directionless but all with one thing in common: you. I am possessed with the possibility of you, but you’re too far from me for it to even be a likely possibility. The sound of your voice runs claws along the inside of my brain as I try to work out in which direction I should run – towards you, or away. I walk past our favourite restaurant, where we had our first date, and my heart drops to my feet, far too heavy to pick up and put back. I can almost see our invisible footsteps, from when we left the restaurant, and you kissed me on my forehead. I can still feel your lips on my skin, but do you still remember the taste it left? Do you remember the love we shared? Such a quick, intense rush of emotions, lustful desires and our first sip of honest, innocent true love? Do you still remember and hold on to the compliments I showered you in, and the hugs I blanketed you with? Did it mean anything?


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