Original Writing


You know how I feel? You never ask, so I’ll tell you now. I feel like I drowned in an ocean of your obscurity and you didn’t notice, you didn’t even give me your hand. I changed for you, you told me all my mistakes and I climbed mountains of misery just to please you and make you happy. Happier. Your empty promises of change amounted to nothing but an ever-growing mountain of lies on which you sit. Instead, I changed everything you found wrong with me, and you left me standing there in the pouring rain whilst you chased a sunset elsewhere. I attempted to recreate myself for you, and you didn’t so much as realise I was going through psychological hell to keep you. One day, I will stand before you as strong as you did, and my heart will be void of any emotion associated with you. Until that day comes, I will work as hard as I can to undo the damage I did to my mind when I tried to be the girl you wanted. It’s a shame that you wanted so much from me, yet you were chasing others at the same time. Played. Like a computer game.



  1. Tujhe Ishq Ho Khuda Kare
    Koi Tujh Ko Us Se Juda Kare
    Tere Lub Hansna Bhool Jayen
    Aur Teri Aankh Purnam Raha Kare
    Usay Dekh Ke Tu Ruka Kare
    Aur Wo Nazar Jhuka K Chala Kare
    Tujhe Hijr Ki Wo Jharri Lage
    Tu Millan Ki Har Pal Dua Kare
    Tere Khuwab Bikhrain Toot Kar
    Usay Kirchi Kirchi Chuna Kare
    Tu Nagar Nagar Phira Kare
    Tu Galli Gallli Sada Kare
    Tujhe Ishq Pe Phir Yaqeen Ho
    Usay Tasbeehon Pe Parha Kare
    Main Kahoon K Ishq Dhong Hai
    Aur Tu Nahi Nahi Kaha Kare

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