Original Writing

Their Loss

Respect yourself.
Don’t give someone the power to break you,
And most certainly do not let them break you.
Instead of searching for someone
Or pining after them,
Search for happiness, success and follow your ambitions.
I am strong believer in the notion that people come and go,
And those who stay in your life without you even trying
Are the ones who were supposed to be there.
It’s all a matter of trial and error.
Sometimes you meet people that you connect with instantly
And you think they’re the best human being on the planet.
Time is a great teller.
And if they suddenly walk out that door,
It means they never had the intention of staying.
That isn’t your fault. It’s theirs.
Don’t give someone the power to break you.
It’s not worth the emotional trauma.
If anything, give them the power to make you stronger.
So they walked? So what? You are a stronger person because of it.
One person shouldn’t dictate your actions and emotions.
We are so much better than that and worth so much more.
Their loss.


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