Original Poetry

Packed Bags

We enter this world with naivety,
And a desire to know more,
To push the boundaries set by elders.
As we grow older,
These attributes drop off
Our bodies
As our new shell grows.
We tell our children to
Fight for their freedom
And seek answers;
Relentlessly, if they so desire them.
Yet here I am,
Standing in front of you
With my bags packed by my feet,
A tear stained on my left cheek
Just waiting to fall off my skin
And crash into the floor.
The question is in my eyes,
But the answer you don’t know,
And I’m not too sure you’d even tell me
If you did.
You cannot even look at me,
Let alone feel something for me in
Our last hour.
As adults,
We are so many things.
But honest with ourselves,
We are not.
In a minute or two,
I’ll be out of that door,
And as soon as the engines purr,
You won’t see me again.
Why do we choose the life
With the most pain?
When we teach our children
How to live life
In the easiest, painless manner?


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