Original Poetry

I Had Him, For A Split Second

The worst thing in the world is that I had him.
For a split second,
I had him in my arms, in the grasp of my fingertips
And he was mine.
He loved me and treated me with perfect kindness,
Just like a true gentlemen.
And for a split second, I was so lucky.
Then suddenly, a raging current interrupted
Our journey of misadventures
In the form of a human being.
Or more than one for that matter.
And then,
In a blink of an eye,
I lost him.
I lost my grip and he slipped
Through my fingertips.
I wasn’t strong enough to hold onto
Something that was so special to me
Because the raging current was stronger.
It took away the one thing that showed me
Love, devotion, lust and desire in one kiss.
He still looks at me,
In that same way,
With lustful desire in his eyes.
But I know where his heart lies,
And it isn’t with me.
It’s having fun with them.
And it’s so hurtful,
Because ultimately,
I was a toy he found,
And he loved me for a while,
But then a shinier toy came along
And he dropped me.
He never picked me up
With the same loving hands again.
And it makes me question if he
Loved me.
Or if he even knew
What love was.
He betrayed me.
He betrayed my trust.
And I resent him.


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