Original Writing

Seeking Answers

When I was a child, I always used to ask question after question, searching for answers. Now, I can understand why the adults were so hesitant. Sometimes the not knowing is the one thing that can save you.


3 thoughts on “Seeking Answers

  1. That’s true, very true. There are some questions one shouldn’t seek the answers. They will come in the mean time if they want to. There are some things one shouldn’t know at all. Naturally, only naturally, through experiences and experiments we come to our own conclusions and know what to take with us and what not to.

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  2. The answer you get the one you may become. Therefore they are hesitant. We all digest the “answers”. I know some peculiar answers and the reverent secrets that Nature had revealed to me. And I do know who and how and when to disclose them to. These answers may be not direct but veiled. It’s about the way how one digests them.

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