Tim Willcox and Freedom Of Speech

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Recently, I tweeted my disgust at the prospect of Tim Willcox losing his job over commenting on Israelis killing Palestinians in Gaza. He was interviewing a Jewish woman on BBC News, and as she was comparing the Paris Shootings to the Holocaust, Willcox commented on the fact that innocent Palestinians were being killed and persecuted just as the Jews were in the Second World War. Of course, 6 million Jews and 1000 Palestinians is not equal in number, but the devastation is just as horrendous to contemplate. Now, I am in no way belittling the events of the Holocaust, but to compare the two events is just pure ignorance, and exaggeration. You are, in fact, insulting Jews by comparing both events.

I tweeted my opinion last night on Twitter. And unfortunately, some people cannot accept the freedom of speech they were fighting for only last week.

Please do not be this person. Do not be racist when challenged. Do not fight passive arguments with aggression. Attacking someone for their opinions goes against everything the world has been fighting for since the shootings in Paris.

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